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About Dalton Consulting and Financial

Erin has many years of experience in accounting and business administration. In 1998, she received her BBA in Accounting from Georgia Southern University. Immediately following her undergraduate degree, she began the Macc (Masters of Accounting) program, also at Georgia Southern University. In 1999, she relocated to the Savannah area to practice public accounting for a local CPA firm. Shortly after starting her career in public accounting, she achieved a Certified Public Accounting (CPA) license from the state of Georgia. Her experience in public accounting includes auditing for various business and not-for-profit entities, monthly and annual financial statement preparation for business and individuals, tax preparation, bookkeeping and other various special projects related to business and accounting. Due to the spectrum of industry backgrounds the firms clients had to offer, Erin was able to gain exposure and experience as to the operations of many different business types.

In 2003, Erin became the accounting manager of a quickly growing real estate development company, a conglomerate of many separate, related entities. The company specialized in residential, commercial and industrial real estate development in various states, including Georgia. As accounting manager, she was responsible for financial statement preparation for all related entities and its owner, supervision and production of the accounts payable function, payroll, human resources, month end adjusting and closing, account balancing and reconciliation, tax, cash management and other various special projects. Also as part of her responsibilities, she budgeted and maintained two home owners associations (HOA).

In October 2005, Erin purchased an interest in a local personal training and fitness company, Fitness by Reese. As the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the company, Erin maintained all business administration functions, including accounting/bookkeeping, human resources, payroll, tax, budgeting, cash management and marketing. However, being the owner the company allowed her to put more of her own ideas and applicable past experience to work. In addition to offering fitness classes, personal training and nutrition services, the company was an integral part of community health and fitness awareness. In 2006, the company was selected by the WSAV Television network to organize and implement the three most recent WSAV Move it For Your Health Challenge programs. During that time, the company was featured each Tuesday on the 6:00 PM WSAV News, allowing viewers to call in live and ask questions about fitness and nutrition. These programs were such a success the company was also selected to organize and implement the 2009 SUBWAY/WSAV Get Fit Challenge. Savannah Morning news, Savannah Magazine, South Magazine and other local publications have previously featured articles about the company’s successful programs.

The reputation of the company became so widely known in the Savannah area, Erin and her partner Reese were invited to appear on a nationally televised reality series called “Ruby”, a reality show about a woman’s battle against morbid obesity leading to a predicted, untimely death. The show began airing on E entertainment’s “Style” network in 2008. On the series, Erin and her partner were cast as themselves, serving as personal trainer and fitness experts for Ruby, the show’s apparent star. Although she appeared on only the first 2 seasons of the show, a dramatic yet final appearance on Ruby season 2 led many Savannah locals and tourists to recognize Erin as a reality TV personality. Seemingly unrelated to business administration, this was an eye opening experience as to how business operates in Hollywood.

Through the experience Erin gained as an accountant, as well as the learning and creativity that she gained from owning and running her own business, she has become an expert at managing cash flow, budgeting and analysis of business revenues and expenses, managing staff, marketing as well as general business management. The varied positions of her career have allowed her to gain vast experience in many different areas of business and business administration.

Now as the owner of her very own business and financial consulting practice, she is committed to helping other small businesses in the local area. By sharing the knowledge and experience she gained thus far in her professional career, she is able to provide sound, expert guidance and hands on assistance to make local, small businesses thrive and be a success.